An unforgettable
luxury experience

MATCH Club 2 star icon

MATCH Club offers guaranteed access to the
FIFA World Cup™. Join the most fervent football fans from around the world for this historic tournament.

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MATCH Pavilion 3 star icon

Make memories and new friends in MATCH Pavilion. MATCH Pavilion offers a superior spectator environment, interactive displays and pre-match guest appearances at select matches.

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MATCH Business Seat 4 star icon

Offers exceptional hosting and access to an outstanding stadium experience

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MATCH Private Suite 5 star icon

For discerning clientele MATCH Private Suite offers exclusivity, taking hospitality to new heights. Enjoy the passion and poetry of world-class football from an elevated vantage point.

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Pearl Lounge 6 star icon

The pinnacle of hospitality; perfectly situated right above the halfway line at a stadium. This is the most luxurious commercial lounge at the FIFA World Cup™. It is the first thought and the final word in the story of luxe sporting hospitality.

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