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The story of the Desert Rose

The desert rose is an emblem of connections and contradictions, a universe in a singularity. As a symbol in storytelling, it brings together characteristics that are usually seen as opposites, such as strength, while being inherently delicate, like water in the desert. It is an inspired icon for the notion of ‘greater than the sum of its parts’.

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A word from the chef

I’m Chef Marcel Finsterer Graf von Bassewitz and I grew up in Germany.

I started my culinary career in Spain, where I learnt my craft. I have been all over the world with my job – it’s amazing to be exposed to so many cultures, styles and flavours. From Japan, Dubai, London, St.Barts and Munich, each location has taught me so much – which comes through in my cooking. My specialism is Japanese cuisine and I have honed my skills working for some of the best Japanese restaurants in the world, such as Nobu, Zuma and Sexy Fish, in addition to great hotels such as The Savoy in London.

The experience the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ offers me as a chef is unrivalled. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with so many different people and cultures with the strict time pressures of multiple football matches while maintaining excellence in delivery for our guests.

I'm proud to be representing MATCH Business Seat where I'll be serving up exquisite Qatari-style sushi platters made from premium ingredients.