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The story of the Pearl

In myth and legend the pearl is associated with the moon, luxury, and opulence. It also evokes the image of storytelling as stringing pearls together and weaving strands of light into a tale of magic and mystery.

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A word from the chef

Hello, I’m Dmitry Eremeev.

Since 2008 I have held the position of Head Chef for the highly-rated restaurant, “Turandot” in Moscow and have been working with the Maison Dellos team in Qatar for over five years.

My approach is to combine eastern food traditions with western individual style to create a unique dining experience. I’m very excited to welcome guests as Executive Chef to the prestigious Pearl Lounge where I will be cooking an exciting fusion of Middle Eastern cuisine. We have been working hard on a menu with dishes from Qatar and all over the East.

My guiding principle is that ‘there really are no limits!’ and I strive to keep learning, looking out for new trends and try new ideas.